Choosing a Home Style? Think Grand With a Mountain Home

Wouldn’t you like your home to stand out from the crowd? If you’re more interested in standing out in a good way than in blending in with the masses, consider making your next home a mountain home. Our talented Seattle-area architects and design experts at Gelotte Hommas Architecture can guide you through the process of designing a home that you’re happy to call your own.

mountain style home design

Traditional American mountain homes date back to the 19th century. This style was well-suited to the wooded, sloped land in the Blue Ridge and Adirondack Mountains, and it evolved out of the need to create homes that did not get bogged down by the heavy rain and and snow. The gable roofs, which are a prime example of mountain home architecture, accomplished this goal. Big, rustic timbers are used to support these roofs and also to form the sides of the home. It is these rustic timbers that give mountain homes their signature look.

Another prime characteristic of mountain homes is a stone foundation. This makes the home sturdy, anchoring it to uneven land. This adds to the rustic look of a mountain home. Often, stone chimneys are used to compliment the exposed stone foundations.

If you love large windows and plenty of sunlight, a mountain home is certainly for you. These homes feature large picture windows, which allow you to look out onto your land and the surrounding countryside. Most also have large, homey porches, which are perfect for enjoying a meal outdoors or an evening under the stars.

At Gelotte Hommas Architecture, we take pride in helping our clients create homes that exceed their expectations, both functionally and visually. Contact us to learn more about our services and start designing your new Seattle-area home.

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