Getting In Touch With the Vernacular Style

Hearing about the local vernacular when it comes to language is probably familiar to most people. Discussing a region’s vernacular architecture style, however, may be less common although the idea is the same. A vernacular architecture style is one that is native to an area and its people. It often has functional elements that are necessary for the local climate, and decorative aspects that are inspired by nature.

vernacular style architecturevernacular style architecture
Source: Gelotte Hommas’ Portfolio

Examples of Vernacular Architecture

Because vernacular style is dependent on the location, it can be difficult to truly define. The best way to understand it is by example so we’ve collected a few:

  • Scandinavian design often incorporates white walls. This was done to help brighten the home during long, dark winters and now the design element is part of the area’s vernacular.
  • Adobe homes are perfectly at home in the Southwest landscape. The earthen textures and colors make the structures feel like they grew on the hillside with bright colors added to showcase important elements.
  • Steeply pitched roofs, end gables, and a simple cottage look serve an important function of these types of homes in the Northeast. The roofs are pitched to keep snow off, and the low and long shape of the home keeps wind from causing damage. Over time, these functional homes became part of the landscape and define the architecture style of the area.

What area’s vernacular speaks to you? To learn how Gelotte Hommas Architecture can help you incorporate the local vernacular, or elements of a more exotic vernacular, into your home, contact us today.

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