Architectural Design Inspiration: Soaring Cantilevers

When it comes to drama, no architectural feat will ever outdo the cantilever. Anchored only at one end, the cantilever appears to defy gravity as it juts out from the main structure of a building, appearing to hover in mid-air. As with many architecture trends, cantilevers are more than just a source of beauty, they also serve important functions in building design.

implementing Cantilevers
Source: Gelotte Hommas
  • Add Dimension. Besides creating visual interest, adding dimension can also make a structure appear larger and contribute to the overall value of the project. Cantilevers break up long, straight walls from the outside and make a building feel expansive from the inside.
  • Utilize Outdoor Space. By raising portions of the structure off the ground without intrusive supports, outdoor space becomes more open and useable. Similarly, if outdoor space is very unusable – perhaps a steep hill or jutting boulders – a cantilever can be extended over the area and not only provide extra usable space, but often a spectacular view from the cantilevered room as well.
  • Define Spaces. A cantilevered second-floor room can define the sitting area of a patio below. The bottom of the cantilever becomes the “ceiling” of the patio and the shadow created contributes to the illusion of a boundary while providing shade from the sun.

At Gelotte Hommas Architecture, we specialize in combining the functional needs of each project with dramatic and interesting effects for our clients. Contact us today to see how we can create a true work of art for you.

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