Three Architect’s Tools to Add Dimension to a Home

Adding dimension can make a home seem larger and create visual appeal that boosts its value. A few of the latest architecture trends provide simple yet effective methods for achieving this look.

adding dimension to a home
Source: Gelotte Hommas’s Portfolio

These trends include:

  • Paying close attention to scale and proportion: This might seem basic, but it can be overlooked, leading to rooms or other elements of a home that are poorly proportioned. For example, you could end up with doorways that are too narrow or windows that are too large.
  • Creating in-between spaces: One good way to add dimension to a home is by making use of empty space that lies between two areas. For example, adding a deck on the side of a house that overlooks a gorgeous view bridges the gap between these two spaces.
  • Adding a vestibule: You might associate these with older homes, but you can have a vestibule added to a more modern home. This space provides an area for residents and guests to take off their shoes and remove their coats before entering the main part of the house.

At Gelotte Hommas Architecture, we specialize in using the latest architecture trends and design elements to create a home that’s a work of art. Adding dimension is just one example of the types of services we offer.

Ready to discuss your home design project? Contact us at Gelotte Hommas Architecture to schedule a consultation and see how our experts can help add dimension to your dream home.

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