Building in a Fireplace? Add a Stylish Wood Storage Space

Adding a fireplace to your home is a wonderful way to add warmth and comfort to it, but you have to think about where you’ll store your firewood. If you would rather not have to make a trip out to the yard in the cold to gather a few logs, consider having wood storage built inside.

fire wood storage inside the house
Source: Gelotte Hommas’s Blog

When designing a home, convenience is as much of a factor as physical appearance. Having a place to store firewood inside certainly makes it easier to get a fire going, and it can also add an attractive element to your home. There are several options available for wood storage, including:

  • Stacking logs in a rough and irregular pile next to the fireplace, which adds some texture to a room with an austere and symmetrical design.
  • Having a niche built off to the side for an inset fireplace, which keeps the logs from interfering with the view.
  • Building a floor to ceiling niche for firewood, which adds visual interest to an otherwise minimalist room.
  • Creating symmetry by having a niche for logs built on either side of the fireplace.

Keep in mind that you can also have wood storage niches built for fire pits or outdoor fireplaces, instead of stacking them up behind the shed.

Need professional assistance designing a home that includes wood storage? Contact us at Gelotte Hommas Architecture to discuss your project, and see how our experts can help you achieve your goal.

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