Utilizing Transparency to Connect to the Outdoors

When you live in a home surrounded by inspiring outdoor views, there’s no need to shut them out once you’re inside. You can make the most of those stunning views by incorporating transparency in your home’s design.

transparency in the home
Source: Gelotte Hommas’ Portfolio

Architecture trends that focus on transparency provide homeowners with a chance to feel as though they’re connected to their natural surroundings. The main aspect of this kind of design involves having several windows, especially larger ones, to maximize views of the outdoors and let in as much natural light as possible.

This can even be done in rooms where a higher level of privacy is desired, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Having attractive shades or blinds installed allows the homeowner to shut out the outdoors whenever they want.

The interior design used can also add to the transparent effect. This can be accomplished by using decorative glass to separate rooms, instead of standard walls and doors, which makes the home seem more open and airy as well.

With homes with woodland surroundings, going with a wood-themed design indoors also enhances the feeling of being part of the outdoors. These are just a few of the ways in which architecture can be used to create a harmonic blend between a home’s interior and external environment.

Are you interested in using transparency and other architecture trends to connect your home with your surroundings? Contact Gelotte Hommas Architecture to set up a consultation today.

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