Home Design Ideas: Wooden Slats

Few elements in the home are as standard or common as wood. Its strength and ease of use make it a standard building material that architects and builders rely on. Of course, it’s also quite beautiful and it can be used to enhance the appearance of your home. That’s why when we are designing a home we like to bring wood out from behind the walls and allow it to be seen and enjoyed.

using wood slats

One of the best ways to do this is to incorporate wooden slats into your design. Slats of all sizes can be used along walls to allow the passage of light and air into the home, or they can be used to create enclosures that provide a sense of security and privacy. The secret to accomplishing either is to determine the proper amount of space you want between the slats.

Another interesting way you can incorporate wooden slats into a home design is to use it as a ceiling cover. By interspersing light and dark colored slats, you can create a pattern along the ceiling that gives your rooms definition and an eclectic sense of style. When combined with other natural elements such as stone, glass, and steel, the results are truly stunning.

Ultimately, whether you lay your slats down horizontally or vertically, make sure they follow the natural lines of the home. This will help them blend in with the structure. The end result will be a home with a refined and contemporary appearance that people will notice and admire.

Be sure to contact the team at Gelotte Hommas before you begin the process of designing a home. Our expert architects can help you bring your dream home to life.

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