Architecture Trends: Ideas for Craftsman Style Homes

Craftsman-Style homes are embellished with plenty of details and features that make them truly unique within the world of architecture. Their sometimes intricate adornments make them stand out from the crowd and it is for that reason that Craftsman homes are among the most popular styles in the Washington area. While architecture trends come and go, this style has proven its staying power.

craftsman homes near Seattle
Source: Gelotte Hommas’ Portfolio

Craftsman homes feature broad proportions with deep eaves and sometimes exposed brackets and structural elements such as rafters and beams. The homes can be one-story or multi-story, and they are often painted in darker tones such as grays and greens.

Among the most common features you will find in a Craftsman home, the following give the structure its unique style and sense of flair:

  • Upstairs Dormers – These sprout from the roof and provide a fabulous vantage point from which to view the outside world.
  • Porches with distinctive roof lines – A central element to almost every Craftsman home is the porch. Often, these are accented by simple, square pillars.
  • Bric-a-brac – No Craftsman home is complete without a little embellishment. Window boxes, shake shingles, and decorative windows are the fine details homeowners use to give their homes a unique sense of personality and style.
  • Superb landscaping – As with all architecture trends, it’s imperative to make sure the home fits well within the landscape. Craftsman homeowners are experts at employing bushes, shrubs, planter boxes, and other features around their homes for this purpose.

For more information about the latest architecture trends, contact us at Gelotte Hommas Architecture. Our team would be happy to answer your questions and offer you our award winning services.

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