7 Lucky Ways to Bring Some Asian Influence Into Your Home

The Orient has always inspired a sense of mystery and refinement that is appealing to the adventurous soul. Whether you have a home in the Hamptons or in downtown Seattle, adding a little Asian influence into your home is a fabulous decision. Here are some ways you can incorporate Asian influences when you are designing a home:

asian inspired home design
Source: Gelotte Hommas’s Portfolio
  • Keep things simple. Asian design is all about maintaining a sense of openness and minimalism within the home. Rooms should be airy and unencumbered by excess furniture and decoration.
  • Allow natural light to illuminate your rooms. The more windows and skylights you include in your design, the easier this will be to accomplish.
  • Incorporate bold and Asian themed works of art. Large paintings, sculptures, and physical elements placed against a plain and simple background will stand out and draw attention.
  • Focus on organic themes.  By utilizing gentle curves to contrast straight lines and edges, you’ll create a natural flow to the home that reflects the natural beauty of the world outside.
  • Lay your home out according to the principles of Feng Shui. This means giving clear definition to each room and using the proper colors and design elements to create a relaxing and harmonious environment.
  • Use water liberally. Water features such as small ponds and gently flowing fountains help create an ambiance that is conducive for relaxation and comfort. Further, these elements make excellent pieces of conversation that will peak the curiosity of your guests.
  • Use the right materials. Bamboo, paper, stone, and sand make excellent inclusions within any Asian themed home.

When you are ready to begin the process of designing a home, contact the team at Gelotte Hommas. We will be happy to bring your dream home to life.

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