The Appeal of Modern Architecture

Clyde Hill Project Gelotte Hommas
Source: Gelotte Hommas

What do you think of when you hear the words, “modern architecture”? For many, modern architecture evokes images of museum-like spaces without much warmth, instead of a home made for happy times and laughter. It doesn’t have to be that way. Modern architecture can inspire living spaces which hold a great appeal for everyone.

Modern architecture represents a snapshot of the materials and designs suited to the time in which the structure is built. The time period measured in the word “modern” has less to do with years than it does with the ways in which current technologies and methods of construction change lifestyles. These include the ways in which space is used in modern living, avoiding trends which don’t suit both geographic area and lifestyle.

Today’s times dictate open, bright spaces with wide windows and plenty of light. Bring the beautiful landscape into your home with the vast windows allowed by modern design. Floor plans have been simplified to remove extraneous rooms, and instead dedicated use of space to great rooms which allow kitchens, dining areas, and gathering areas to flow together. Gatherings and meals become closer and more social.

While many architectural designs draw from both the past, and the natural geometry found in the world around us, modern architecture presents the opportunity to take a fresh view of how homes are planned. By eschewing trends in favor of creating a home which captures both the time and the desires of the ones planning it, a modern design leaves a tribute to imagination and originality while building a beautiful living space.

Learn more about how to incorporate modern architectural designs when planning your new Seattle home by contacting Gelotte Hommas Architecture.

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