How Your Homesite Impacts Your Home Design

anacortes project Gelotte Hommas
Source: Gelotte Hommas

Selecting a design for your new home and finalizing the plans is an exciting prospect. However, a suitable homesite is as important as the prospective design. Selecting an incompatible site for your new home can impact your plans in ways you never imagined. A bit of homework beforehand will ensure you enjoy your new home for years to come.

The lot size has the most obvious and immediate impact on home design. Make sure the lot you choose is suitable for your home plans. Your new home should not dwarf its surroundings. It should fit in well. This includes making sure the design style blends with other homes in the area as well. You probably would not want to build an ultra-modern home in a neighborhood of Craftsman style homes.

Another consideration is the zoning regulations of your potential homesite. Certain areas have stipulations on what type of home can be built. In addition, some zoning regulations may impose unwanted restrictions on your allowable use of the property. Eliminate surprises by researching first.

If you are not building in a pre-planned subdivision where viability has already been predetermined, the topography of the land on your future homesite may impact and/or limit your design choices. The quality of soil, drainage, slope of the land, rocks, trees, and other natural land characteristics can inflate building costs or make building your new home cost prohibitive altogether. The architectural firm or builder you have chosen can help assess the feasibility of your homesite selection.

If you are in the process of designing a new home, we can help ensure the process will be an enjoyable experience. Contact us, Gelotte Hommas, for guidance on designing a home you will cherish forever.

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