Taking Inspiration From Nature’s Lines

seattle cottage
Source: Gelotte Hommas

Many people go camping, take hiking trips, and use the outdoors as an escape from the indoors and as a space to clear their minds. Why not make your home an indoor space that makes you feel the same way by reflecting the great outdoors? Take into consideration all the following ways that the interior design of your space can be inspired by nature.

Point to Outdoors

One of the most obvious and easiest ways to make your home feel more like the outdoors is to have lots of windows that actually show the outdoors. If done correctly, this can also save money by having natural lighting brighten up your home and using less artificial lighting. Many people also prefer natural lighting, and some studies even suggest that natural lighting is healthier.

Use Plants

Actually keep plants in your home or office! This will help inspire more designs and are a great way to make your space smell fresh in a more pure way than artificial air fresheners.

Copy Plants

Use plants as inspiration to your furniture and room layout. If you are using dogwood plants, have the furniture match with parallel or perpendicular lines to match.

There are a lot of advantages to having the interior design of your home replicate the outdoors. For people that love to spend time outdoors, it’s a great way to still experience a little bit of nature during all seasons without dealing with bad weather or insects. With the use of large windows and open spaces, it helps a space feel bigger and aids in avoiding the sense of confinement.

Gelotte Hommas Architecture has been designing rooms for 30 years, with a very creative and functional approach to our design workflow. Take a look at our portfolio for examples, and contact us with questions!

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