Ensure That Your New Kitchen Has Plenty of Space

Anyone who has ever dealt with a cramped or poorly laid out kitchen knows just how frustrating it can be. Small work spaces make cooking with a partner near impossible and little to no storage means things get stored on counters thus reducing what little work space you already have. But, carefully planning your kitchen floor plan before you build or remodel can make the time you spend in your kitchen much more enjoyable.

preventing small kitchen problems

Before tearing into your kitchen over-haul, remember to plan the following:

  • Walkways: Make sure you include ample room to move around your kitchen by providing walkways that are at least 36 inches wide. If you plan on having an island with stools or chairs, be sure to take into account the walk-space when chairs are pulled out to help prevent tripping or spilling.
  • Work space: Work spaces also require extra room to move, which includes 42 to 46 inches of work room around prep areas such as cutting boards and sinks. Because the refrigerator is also a hot spot in the kitchen, give that plenty of breathing room, too, by keeping it away from easily congested areas such as your kitchen’s entrance or dining area.
  • Storage: You don’t have to have a lot of storage space to get good use out of it. Consider clever ways to add storage to the space you have, like using pull-out shelving or up-right storage. Because, even a small kitchen needs to be functional.

See that your kitchen is designed with  high-traffic needs in mind by planning the perfect floor plan.

Learn more about how to create the perfect kitchen floor plan by contacting Gelotte Hommas Architecture.

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