Creative Bedside Lighting Ideas

Nothing rounds off the look of a room like good lighting, and your master bedroom is certainly no different. Choose the best lighting for your bedroom by incorporating style and function. Here are a few bedroom lighting ideas to help shed light on the subject.

custom lighting in Seattle
Tampa Contemporary Bedroom by Interiors by Studiom via Houzz
  • Get it off the table: Table lamps are a common accessory to any bedroom and for good reason: it’s much easier to relax with a good book in bed if you don’t have to get up to shut off the light afterwards. But, table lamps are certainly not the only option for this. Consider an updated look by using sconce lighting to serve the same purpose while freeing up valuable space on your nightstand.
  • Hang your lighting: If you’re feeling a little reluctant to put permanent light fixtures in your walls, then think about going at it from a different angle: your ceiling. Pendant lights are an elegant way to accent tall rooms. They come in a variety of styles to match your décor and can be switched out relatively easily should you choose a different design later.
  • Add dimmer switches: Recessed lighting and dimmer switches are great way to add varying amounts of light to your room. Whether you need bright lighting to work or low lighting to relax, dimmers can solve your bedroom lighting problem with the simple turn of a knob.

Your master bedroom should be both inviting and relaxing; your ultimate retreat after a long day’s work. Reduce stress in your life by incorporating these bedroom lighting ideas.

For more great ways to design your home, speak with us at Gelotte Hommas Architecture, where we see the art in architecture and want to share it with you.

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