How to Pick the Right Light Fixtures for Your Home

A home without good lighting loses it’s beauty as soon as the sun sets, but a home with great lighting never skips a beat. Give your home the shining personality it deserves with the right lighting. To choose the right lighting for your home, consider the following:

picking the right lighting
  • Style: It’s important to remember to incorporate your light fixtures into the rest of your design scheme, and choosing the right style is key to doing so. Is your home’s architecture modern with smooth, flowing lines and curves, or is it more traditional featuring simple roof-lines and symmetric design? Whatever the architecture of your home, choose lighting fixtures to match.
  • Shape and size: Careful consideration needs to be given to the shape and size of lighting fixtures, so your rooms don’t appear awkward or disproportionate. You might choose pendant lights for rooms with elevated ceilings, but table lamps for more intimate rooms.
  • Function: The purpose of the room should play a major part in your lighting choices. For example, you would probably not need strong or harsh lighting in your dining room, but you might like to have the choice for strong lighting in your kitchen or craft room.
  • Color: Lastly, consider your color scheme when choosing light fixtures. Can you paint your light fixture to match your rug or find a lamp shade that accents the color of your wall-art? Matching your lighting with your color scheme will give your room a seamless appearance.

The right lighting not only improves a home’s physical appeal, but can actually increase both the optimism and productivity of its inhabitants.

Learn more about choosing light fixtures for your home by contacting us at Gelotte Hommas Architecture today.

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