Green Home Improvements: Saving the Planet Can Save You Cash

house under construction

Don’t let the higher price tags of energy-efficient appliances and home renovations keep you from conserving energy this winter. Thanks to appealing government incentive programs, going green can be very affordable, and will save you some major green in the long-run too. Here are just a few ways you can make green home improvements with government assistance.

Appliances: Many high-efficiency appliances such as water heaters and furnaces qualify for tax credits of up to ten percent of the purchase price. Also known as the Consumer Tax Credit, this government incentive program can save consumers up to $500 until December, 2013 just by switching to eco-friendly appliances. Even if your older appliances still function well, replacing them may be of benefit, considering the higher energy standards associated with new, energy-efficient models.

Home renovations: Another Consumer Tax Incentive is credited to home owners and builders who make energy-efficient renovations to a property, namely the building’s outer envelope. Capped at $500, these tax credits can help reduce renovation costs if you install EnergyStar-certified windows and doors, or increase your home’s SEER value through additional insulation.

Renewable energy systems: On-site energy systems like photovoltaic (solar) panels will definitely bring the most value back to you through incentive programs, though their initial cost is typically higher. Fortunately, that hearty price can be off-set by as much as a 30 percent tax credit for qualifying energy systems.

There are many ways you can make green home improvements without having to break the bank. With a little research and selective purchasing, going green has never been more affordable.

Gelotte Hommas Architecture specializes in eco-friendly design, because we know that the art in architecture cannot surpass the artistic talents of Mother Nature. To learn more, contact us at Gelotte Hommas Architecture today.

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