Creative Ways to Add Accent Colors in the Home

Gelotte hommas colorful bedroomWhether you’ve been in your home for years or are just starting out, taking the plunge into a fresh color scheme can be a bit intimidating. But it certainly doesn’t have to be when you have a game-plan and a few extra bucks in your pocket. Use some of these ideas to bring color into your home with these easy ways to add accent color.

Choose your color scheme: Choosing a color scheme that works well in your home is easier than you might think – just leave the paint swatch isle for a few days. Seriously. Instead, spend this time looking at your things — accessories, wall art or rugs, for example, and choose your scheme from there. This will not only save you hours in the paint isle, but will help pull your room together by incorporating like colors throughout it.

Paint something – or don’t: Yes, paint is a great way to add color to a room and can be done fairly easily and quickly, but it isn’t the only option. You can also add color to your room with the use of throw pillows or a complementary piece of furniture which falls into your color scheme. Still itching to paint? Try painting a window frame only, or give accessories or lighting a face-lift by painting those.

Treat your windows: Curtains or other window coverings are a great way to add a splash of color to any room for relatively cheap, and can even help save on energy costs, too! Best of all, you can switch out your curtains as the seasons change giving your home fresh color year-round.

There are many easy ways to add accent color to your home including these ideas from For more great home design advice, contact Gelotte Hommas today!

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