Why You Should Consider a Green Roof

Why You Should Consider a Green Roof
A green roof can keep a home eco-friendly while bringing a new sense of style and comfort.

Part of the practicality of green architectural design is in its sustainability, as well as its durability. When considering a home that has fewer environmental impacts, consider using a green roof in your home’s design. There are many benefits to adding a green roof to your home.

  • The green roof is versatile and can be customized for a home’s particular needs. Depending upon what you would like to grow on your roof, you can choose an extensive or intensive design. Extensive (less than 6” depth) tends to be lighter weight and less maintenance effort, and intensive (greater than 6” depth) is heavier and takes more effort to maintain. However, the plant diversity is greater with an intensive green roof.
  • With this style of design, heating and cooling the home becomes much easier. Heating in the winter and cooling in the summer is a lot more convenient, given the protective insulation the green roof provides.
  • A major benefit of the green roof is that it decreases storm water runoff, which is a concern for areas that get flooded on a regular basis (or even an occasional basis). Erosion damage is reduced greatly, as well.
  • Oftentimes, green roofs can provide a habitat for wildlife. This can make for an extraordinary home experience or a delight for the commercial experience.
  • Green roofs provide a solution for sustainable urban agriculture, and it can reduce the dependency upon trucking supplies and, therefore, supply interruptions.

If you’re considering green architectural design for your home or commercial project, consider the addition of a green roof as a part of it. With the many benefits of this additional green space, it’s often an ideal, practical, and beneficial addition to any green home.

Image via Gelotte Hommas Architecture 

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