The Benefits and Disadvantages of Granite Kitchen Countertops

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Granite Kitchen Countertops
Weigh these pros and cons before installing new granite countertops at home. Source: Gelotte Hommas

The kitchen is, in many cases, the vital life-center of a home. Many people enjoy cooking and want to explore cuisine as thoroughly as possible. A popular trend in gourmet kitchens is to have a granite kitchen countertop theme. If you’re trying to decide on whether or not granite is right for you, here are a few advantages and drawbacks that might help you come to a decision:

  • Granite is extremely sanitary, and it’s a far cleaner surface than tile, as bacteria can breed like mad in the grouting of tile.
  • Granite is heat-resistant. If you place a hot pan on it, it won’t leave a burn mark or crack the surface.
  • If you like to renovate and change your household often, granite does not come up easily, and it is considered an extremely long-term commitment.
  • Perfect for customization, granite will give your kitchen a unique look that no other homeowner will have, because all granite slabs differ from one another. However, this is also a simultaneous drawback, as creating a look that is uniform throughout the kitchen can be difficult.
  • Granite doesn’t crack easily, but it can if a very heavy object is dropped on it, such as a large and full saucepan.
  • Cleaning granite is extremely simple, with a non-abrasive cleanser, such as dish soap. Soap, water, and a soft cloth are all you need to keep it clean.
  • The value of granite never depreciates, it is a wise investment for homeowners.

If you’re considering a granite kitchen countertop for your cooking space, use this list to help you decide if the pros outweigh the cons for your cooking and life-style. And make sure you contact Gelotte Hommas Architects for all your architecture needs in and around the Northwest.

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