Keep These Points in Mind for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Keep These Points in Mind for Your Outdoor Kitchen
Call on Gelotte Hommas to assist in designing an outdoor kitchen.

Adding an outdoor kitchen to your home is an enhancement on several levels. An outdoor kitchen provides the opportunity for families to get together for cookouts. For party enthusiasts, an outdoor kitchen is the perfect place to host an event. On a real estate level, adding this feature increases the dollar value of the home.

With the help of our expert services at Gelotte Hommas, our professional staff can design an outdoor kitchen that will add to your home’s appeal and atmosphere.

When planning for the addition of an outdoor kitchen, our architects listen to what you want in your kitchen design. There are several things to consider for this feature and our staff will guide you all the way. Consider these tips when planning your outdoor kitchen.

  • Materials must be resilient to withstand the many seasonal elements, from the sizzling highs to freezing lows.
  • The kitchen area needs to be as fully equipped as your indoor kitchen. Allow for plenty of storage space for basic items such as napkins, utensils, cleansers and trash bins.
  • Plan for nighttime cooking with lighting specifically made for outdoor use.
  • If there’s an overhead ceiling in the cooking area, install a ceiling fan to keep the area cool when cooking and eating.
  • Use flooring made of easy to clean material.
  • Allow for the installation of additional electrical outlets.
  • Your outdoor kitchen design should include an overhead to protect guests from sun, wind or rain. Our architects can incorporate a full or partial roof or any creative idea you may have in mind.
  • Include the installation of a small sink and water source to make your outdoor kitchen completely versatile.

With over twenty-five years of expert design services, Gelotte Hommas has turned client’s dreams into visual realities.

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