The 6 Key Considerations for Architectural Design

As an award-winning Seattle architect, here at Gelotte Hommas, we know there are important elements of design that need to be taken into consideration when helping you achieve your dream project, whether it’s a large commercial space, or a the home of your dreams.

The 6 Key Considerations for Architectural Design
Keep these tips in mind when designing your dream home. Source: Gelotte Hommas

There are six crucial elements when developing a space for commercial or residential use:

  1. Place – This element is not just about your literal location, but how the interior relates to the exterior, and how your space will help you find comfort as well as dominion.
  2. Form – The way a building comes together isn’t just about outside and inside. It is also about the beauty found in articulating a functional structure.
  3. Rhythm – All spaces have a rhythm — a flow and interconnection of how the spaces interact and are separate from one another.
  4. Light – The light in a space matters around the clock. Lighting can help create a mood for each room, and the entire structure of the building. External lighting can also contribute to the mood and feel of a space outdoors.
  5. Materials – In order to make a space as artful as it is functional, the right materials must be selected. With the proper materials, a space is transformed and will bring the other elements into focus.
  6. Beauty – These five preceding elements all contribute to the beauty of the space, but the overall line-up, scale, and proportion contribute to the aesthetics of a dream space as well.

Choosing an award-winning Seattle architect is the first step to making your brainchild into a reality. More importantly, considering these six design elements will help you build upon your ideas and make them work, no matter where or what you’re creating.

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