How Natural Light in the Home Can Affect Your Health

How Natural Light in the Home Can Affect Your Health
Improving the lighting at home can improve more than household aesthetics. Source: Gelotte Hommas

Whether designing a new home or remodeling an existing dwelling, adding natural light to the home is a key benefit affecting your health as well as that of your family. Studies have shown that an abundance of natural light has a positive affect on our attitude and well-being.

With the aid of a professional firm such as Gelotte Hommas, enhancing the natural light to your home is an attainable option, from skylights and extra-large windows to French doors and glass-walled rooms.

Studies indicate that are many benefits to natural lighting. Students studying in a naturally lit room tend to be more focused versus studying under fluorescent lighting. A home office with non-glare windows, allowing sunlight and scenic beauty to filter through the windows, increases productivity. Plus, natural sunlight is nature’s way of providing vitamin D.

Minimizing fluorescent lighting in the kitchen and bathroom by replacing it with natural light has the added effect of keeping your body in tune with its internal clock. With our expert design services at Gelotte Hommas, we can easily address alternate ways to enhance natural lighting.

A home with ample natural lighting projects a positive atmosphere for homeowners. To continue keeping the internal clock in tune, adding natural light to the home, especially bedrooms, emphasizes the all-powerful morning sun by using windows, glass doors or skylights.

Furniture position is also a factor when designing or redesigning a home. Gelotte Hommas can design the floor plan to emphasize optimum placement enforcing the health benefits of sunlight.

Studies have also shown that a family dining in a room with plenty of sunlight tend to eat less or in moderation versus those dining in a closed room with lamps or fluorescent lighting.

Gelotte Hommas has served its clients with exceptional service, professionalism, insight, creativity and outstanding communication to ensure satisfaction for over twenty-five years. Call on this award-winning Seattle architect to improve the natural lighting in your home or future project.

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