Home Design with Your Life in Mind: The Artist

As we continue our series on using the architectural elements of your Seattle home to fit your lifestyle, we’re getting in touch with our artistic side. (If you haven’t already, be sure to read our first post in this series on The Entertainer, focusing on the perfect home structure for a socialite). Artists thrive in creative spaces, offering inspiration to their work and the perfect space for their craft. An artists’ home shouldn’t lack the elements that they hold dear; architecture, whether clean, sleek, and modern or traditional and ornate doesn’t have to be the “bare bones” of a home; artistic elements can be incorporated into the very core of a structure to make it exceptional.

For the geometric artist

Geometry is back in style in a very, very big way, but has been a strong element of artistic works, from M. C. Escher to current and popular modern art trends. Even with a softer and more traditional color palette, geometry can be featured in subtle way that adds artistic character and inspiration to a space, as with this floor medallion in our House on Cozy Cove in Hunts Point, WA:

floor medallion
A floor medallion steps up the appeal of an entry way.

For the traditionalist

Prefer art of the French vein or working in the styles of the great names of yore? Create an artistic space that brings old world charm to the new age. This French Country Manor in Medina, WA does just that with beautiful elements like this french door set:

french doors
Whether walking into a room or into another century, these doors seem perfectly at home.

Surround your space with elements of the past to pull inspiration from the lines, movement, and more within your space. Within this room, texture from the tiles, the warmth of the wood, and the pattern of the doorway could inspire many beautiful pieces (The wine in the cellar wouldn’t hurt the inspiration, either).

For the showcase

Art enthusiast but not out to produce your own? Turn your home into it’s very own gallery. Gelotte Hommas did just that for one homeowner in a home fittingly named The Gallery in Kirkland, WA. Smooth, clean modern spaces and white walls lend themselves well to a fitting space to showcase the homeowner’s art collection. Some areas of the home look as if they were lifted directly from an art museum:

the gallery
Trendy art museum or the perfect hallway? You decide.


What’s your artistic style, and how does your home reflect it? Tell us about it in the comments section.

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