Home Design with Your Life in Mind: The Entertainer

When purchasing, building, or remodeling a home, the architecture and design of your space are meant to enhance your life there, not inhibit it. Reflecting who you are in your home goes beyond decor, paint, and furniture; every beam, nail, and board should work to cohesively make your space the best that it can be for you as an individual. We’re starting a series on the Gelotte Hommas blog to showcase rooms, homes, and spaces designed for various personalities, starting out with The Entertainer. Are you the socialite of any social gathering? Love to host to dinner parties and get togethers? Enjoy helping people meet other people and the buzz of conversation? If so, you’re an Entertainer (with a capital E), and your space needs to live up to the challenge. Here are a few of the rules that your home should follow to fit your needs:

The Entertainer needs ample space for get-togethers and groups within the home.

Open floor plans are a bit of a “buzz” word in the architectural and home design world at the moment, but this style of architecture is anything but a mere trend. Having your rooms flow seamlessly into one another allows you breathing room, space, and the perfect entertaining setting, as guests can join you in the kitchen, in the dining room, or in the living room while still being able to view guests and the party in general throughout the space.

Wood Stone Water home from Gelotte Hommas Architecture
Large windows, open spaces, and an open balcony make this living space feel larger than life.

In our “Wood Stone Water” home in Bellevue, the architects of Gelotte Hommas created an open, welcoming environment perfect for entertaining. Large windows and open spaces make the room feel even larger, helping guests to avoid feeling stuffy, and create a great space for visitors to flow through as they enjoy group interaction and intimate conversations alike. The large windows provide great scenery and ample conversation starters. Interesting features within the home,  including an indoor waterfall spanned by a delicate wood bridge in the living room, make the house interesting, inviting, and the perfect vessel for a host or hostess.

Preparation is part of the party, so make every space social.

Any regular party host knows that your job is never done, and you’re often handing party management tasks while talking with guests and enjoying the festivities yourself. Make spaces like the kitchen inviting and open so that your guests can enjoy your company while you whip up extra hors d’ oeuvres  or mix a signature cocktail. Our “House on Pine Lake” as a perfect example:

open, modern kitchen designed by Gelotte Hommas
Expansive counter space and in-kitchen seating welcome guests to a behind-the-scenes moment.

The beautiful, modern kitchen in our House on Pine Lake provides seating for guests so that they can enjoy conversation with you while you finish up a few drinks or snacks. Ample bar and counter space provide room for a wonderful food display or just a space to serve to the helping hands of a catering staff.

Behind every great Entertainer there’s a relaxing getaway.

Even socialites need to recharge, and while your home should be designed to accommodate groups in great entertaining spaces, you should also have a niche that’s all about you. A spa shower or bathroom gives you a place to soak away pre-party stress or to relax away a job well done when the final guest says farewell.

spa shower from Gelotte Hommas Architecture
A spa shower can relax away even the most stressful party planning.

A beautiful, welcoming spa shower gives you the perfect space to relax. Beautiful, natural tile provides a soothing environment as you wash away all of your cares.


Are you an Entertainer? How does your home design fit your personality? If you’re not exactly a socialite, stay tuned: We have other personality and design features coming up next month!

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