Working Your Architectural Angles

Three of the main tenants of the design theory and mindset at Gelotte Hommas Architecture are form, beauty, and architecture. A good architect needs the same know-how as a Super Model: You have to know how to work your angles.

Geometric patterns are one of the biggest, booming trends in fashion today. From the ever popular chevron to a well-defined diamond outline, geometry and angles are making a huge comeback. The trend is all about working angles and shapes in a creative, modern way, and it gets down to a simple truth:

"deep down we all love math" t-shirt


This new trend in fashion is getting down the heart of something architects have known for years: Angles and geometric patterns are a part of life, and we can use them to better form and beauty at once. While you may not have loved math class, these patterns and forms are something you probably appreciate daily in your home. Our “House in a Mountain Meadow” in Issaquah, WA, is a great example:

geometric hall in Issaquah home
Angles work together for strong form, function, and geometric beauty.

In this hallway, rafters go beyond basic support to add an element of style to the space, bringing the eye upwards to enjoy the blend of triangles, trapezoids, and more with a ceiling that’s anything but boring. Various shapes and angles from the walls, skylights, rafters, and furniture blend together for a modern and geometrically interesting space that’s warm and inviting.

While this resurgence in the love of geometric form and balance in fashion may someday go out of style, in your home, it’s a timeless look that keeps your space interesting and intriguing as well as purposeful and gorgeous.

What other architectural influences have you seen in today’s fashion world? Share your findings in a comment.

T-shirt Photo via Flickr CC.

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