The orchestra of architecture

Monday April 1st was the thirty year anniversary here at Gelotte Hommas Architecture. Over the last thirty years the firm has had hundreds of clients, made thousands of connections and overall created some really meaningful relationships. On Monday night we opened our doors to all of them to say thank you. We recognize just how fortunate we are to have this kind of history to celebrate.

Thirty years of memories
Thirty years of memories

It has been my (Nikki here) great pleasure to call Gelotte Hommas home for the last two and a half years. When I started here at the firm was in a very different place than they are right now. I watched the firm come together through a tough season, and now I am watching as the firm grows, quite literally, into a brand new season. What I have come to learn is just how very talented the people I call workmates truly are.

30th Anniversary 143
Curtis Gelotte and Scott Hommas taking a moment to celebrate

Curt said in his toast on Monday “Somewhere over the years it became less about the projects, and more about the people.” That seems to define this firm to it’s core. It was no wonder that our office was packed to the brim all night with people coming to celebrate in the magic of thirty years in business.  What we offer is a service of the most personal kind – homes. The place your families histories are penned with memories made of laughter and tears. The place lazy weekends give rest, and family dinners give warmth. This is the place your children grow. The place your in laws come to visit. The place where you plant roots and grow into your life path. That is what Gelotte Hommas designs. It doesn’t get much more personal than that.

Clients become friends at GHA
Clients become friends at GHA

Over the past few years here I have learned we are less of a team and more of an orchestra. Curt and Scott are the maestros gracefully guiding the symphony one note at a time. Each person that touches the project is like an instrument in the symphony.  Some becoming more pronounced that others as the direction of the music is decided, and ultimately completed. Each piece is exquisite and perfected, yet they are all beautifully different. It’s not just what we do, it’s who we are.
We are architects, and we are friends.

Thanks for celebrating with us!
Thanks for celebrating with us!

From all of us here at GHA,
thank you to everyone to came out on Monday to celebrate with us.

4 Replies to “The orchestra of architecture”

  1. Congratulations GHA! You sure do know how to put on a party! I’m honored to have been part of your music making over the years. Here’s to the next 30!

  2. Sorry to have missed the grand event! Congratulations to you all. We are still thrilled with our remodel every single day!!

  3. 30 years!!! Wow!!! Congratulations!!! I always enjoyed building models for your projects. Had to go and check, the first one was back in 1986 when the firm was only four years young. Here’s to another 30!

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