Friday Fun – The Excellent Ex-Christmas Gift Exchange!

Now that the holiday’s are over, and might I say Happy New Year, there might be a gift or two lingering around your abode that you were – well, less than thrilled with let’s say. That was the case with all of us over here at GHA. Our senior Project manager Eric Drivdahl had a wonderful idea of what he called the “Excellent Ex-Christmas Gift Exchange.” Intrigued? Good! Here’s how it works:

You take the, um BEST gift you received this year  and wrap it up to re-gift.
*Sidenote: By best I mean worst, unless of course said gift was given to you by your mother, spouse or kids in which case then it truly is the best and how dare you re-gift it.
:Side Eye:

There are rules to the re-gifting exchange. Everyone seems to play a little differently, thus some over all rules must be agreed upon prior to the exchange. Here’s what we agreed to:

We went in order of employment as to decide order of gift choosing.
Once something had been stolen twice it was locked and could no longer be stolen.
The first person to go was also the last person to go.

We made an afternoon office event out of it and ordered pizza. Personally I think I won the gift exchange. I successfully stole myself a classic party staple that my family and I will enjoy for years to come.

Words and pictures just don’t do this particular piece justice, so I posted a video.
Be jealous. It’s awesome.

Happy New Year everyone!

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