Holiday Happeneings! Part II

We love the holidays, and we love all of our clients. The way we see it this is a perfect time for us to put some extra effort into tell you all just how much. On Monday we blogged about our Christmas cards. If you missed that you can read about them here. They are truly a work of art, but we didn’t stop there. This we decided to go a different route and started a fun new holiday tradition in the process.

In years past we have done the traditional gifts that everyone both expects and loves. Harry & David gift baskets and Frans chocolate truffles were the choice for a few years. A few years ago we started getting a bit more crafty and sent out wine bottles with a custom designed Gelotte Hommas Architecture label. The next year we sent beautiful little tree ornaments with a GHA sterling silver tag hung from the top. This year however we wanted to do something that reflected our creativity a bit more, and we think we hit the jackpot.

As architects we are first artists. Our tag line is “The Art of Architecture” and all you have to do is look at some of our watercolors to know it’s more than a slogan. Art is apart of the fabric of our makeup as designers. Now, as that relates to presents we hit a wall – how do you give that as a gift? We knew we couldn’t do a water color for every person getting a gift. The amount of time and effort that would take was just not reasonable. And if we did send out something artistic, where would people put them? On their walls? On their desks maybe? Furthermore how would we design something that each of you receiving gifts would like the same considering you are all so very different? We were stumped.

Then, while looking around at the sketches and drawings all over the office we had an idea. What if we gathered up the best of the best and made a custom GHA calendar? It would have to be good of course. Professional. Classy. Not too big, not too small. So, we got to work and here is the finished product.
Announcing the 2013 Gelotte Hommas Architecture desk calendar.

The 1st ever yearly GHA desk top calendar

The 1st ever (now yearly) GHA desk top calendar

This amazing little calendar is a showcase of art done by our very own talented team of architects.  Each of the 12 months are approximately 3′ X 4′ printed on cold press water color paper in high contrast ink.

Each 12 month calendar was hand cut

Each 12 month calendar was hand cut and stacked

The bases for the calendars are small circular cut pieces of wood that the paper fits snuggly into propping them up perfectly.

Each calendar comes with a hand cut wooden base

Each calendar comes with a hand cut wooden base.

These bases are literally taken from trees in Scott Hommas’s back yard. How much more personalized can you get?

Scott cut over 50 bases by hand

Scott cut over 50 bases by hand

We packaged them up with a little twine, some golden tissue paper, a little white ribbon and a bright red box.

All ready to get packaged up and sent out to you

All ready to get packaged up and sent out to you

Your 2013 GHA calendar awaits

Your 2013 GHA calendar awaits

These calendars turned out beautifully. Each month features a glorious little watercolor painting for you, with the calendar itself being a wonderful little work of art for your desk. This is now a special holiday tradition that we can all look forward to each year.
*If you would like to be on our mailing list, or if you would like your own copy of the GHA desk top calendar please inquire with us at for pricing.*

Happy Holidays from all of us at Gelotte Hommas Architecture

Happy Holidays from all of us
at Gelotte Hommas Architecture