A Man-Cave like no other

This fully custom designed steel structure is the perfect man cave for any red-blooded male.

Being that it is built in the Pacific Northwest, from top to bottom, although electic, the design holds a Native American air.

With a 3,000 sf garage capable of holding over 20+ cars on custom fabricated car lifts for his “toys” as well as an over 1,000 sf of suspended living space for the gym.

What man cave would be complete without restored vintage race cars?
The gym over looks out over the garage and the suspended helicopter

The two disconnected living spaces are connected by a catwalk suspended over the cars giving you an up close look at the helicopter hanging from the ceiling.

Quiet a view from the catwalk!

We think any one would agree that this garage is function and form for the car enthusiast in all of us.

A holiday gift guide GHA style

Happy Monday all!

It is that time of year again where; no matter what your traditions are, who/what you are remembering, what you are eating, or how many gifts you are giving the fact is we are all celebrating. This wonderful time of year is where everyone across the globe agrees that families are universal, and we love them.

We consider our clients to be part of our family, and every year we look at getting client gifts. I can be known to spend quiet a bit of time trying to find the perfect gifts for our clients. This year I thought I would share some of my findings, and BONUS they are all around $25!

ETSY is a super great place to find literally anything and everything. Most things on here are handmade and sometimes you can get custom orders with your logo. Score! Etsy is where I found THESE and THESE. Remember – most of these can be made with YOUR custom image or logo. Just ask the store owner and see what they say!

Another really great gift site is Uncommon Goods where I found THIS  which you could make your own little card of your logo out of those little blocks and place it in there for some extra brand push. So fun!

Edible stuff is always welcomed (I know we love it when the holiday baskets come rolling in) So here are some different spins on that.

Macaroons are hugley popular this year, and they come in all sorts of fun colors!

HERE is a seller were you can pick and choose which colors you want. How about your brand colors for some extra pizazz?
Chocolate is just a classic. HERE is a website with some amazing stuff within a reasonable price range.

Winter also means cold weather. I found some amazing holiday coffee HERE, and if you’re not a coffee drinker than THIS tea is fun too. Or, how about a travel mug? THIS one is pretty nice. (don’t forget to ask about adding your brand for that extra little reminder)

We are a firm in Seattle, but that is not to say that we were not effected by Super storm Sandy.

If you are going to be purchasing some holiday gifts this year, maybe thinking about getting something that will benefit more than one person. ETSY has a number of sellers donating profits to relief efforts from the super storm. I personally really like THIS and THIS.

I haven’t quiet figured out what we are going to do about corporate gifts this year, but I am really excited and we will keep you posted!
If you know what you are going to do, leave us a comment! We would love to know how you celebrate the holidays with your clients.

Friday Fun – The Aqua Nook

Happy Friday everyone! Here is Seattle our Friday is bright and filled with – FISH! That’s right, fish. One of our underway projects has had a fun turn of design over the last few days and I wanted to share.

In our project “The Redmond Residence” there is a grand entrance leading you into hallway that horizontally spans the length of the house with all the rooms branching off. At one end of the hallway is a little nook. Originally (as you can see from the sketch below) the center point of this little nook was going to be a fireplace.

The view looking down the hallway towards the nook.

Now the plan has changed, and so has the name. Now the view at the end of the hallway is going to be a massive 3′ by 5′ fish tank.

Looking at the fish tank wall straight on

How fun is that! This little nook is basically a transparent wall (minus the oceanic scene of course) with little portholes on either side.
Here is a view from the top down to give you an idea.

You can see the portholes off to either side

An Aqua Nook!

This is just one amazing feature to this great project.

Our cardboard cottage is going up for bid!

The very last cardboard playhouse in the 2012 “Cottage” edition is headed for the auction block.

The radio station Spirit 105.3 hosts an annual auction that all proceeds go the World Vision and the Seattle Urban Academy. We had one cardboard cottage left, and we couldn’t think of a better place to have it go. So, tune in to Spirit 105.3 FM and listen for instructions on how to bid on the LAST 2012 model of the cardboard cottage, or just CLICK HERE to go to their website.

The 2013 model is just around the corner. What do you think we will come up with this year?

UPDATE: The cottage is LIVE and will be accepting bids as of  December 1st.
It’s listed under the “Children” catergory.
Don’t forget to place your bids!

New renderings of one of our underway projects Deliberate Demense

We received renderings on one of our projects Deliberate Demense today. Take a look!

Front view showing the showing the auto court
View from the lake. Look at all those windows! Spectacular.

The property is still under construction and looks very different to these renderings (especially the landscaping), but this is the direction we are headed.

Our project The Wood Outback was featured on Inhabitat

Inhabitat.com is a weblog “devoted to the future of design, tracking the innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing architecture and home design towards a smarter and more sustainable future.”

This is a really great blog that is updated daily with all sorts of interesting and relevant information on the worlds “goings on”. We always feel so honored when we get mentioned in a blog, or featured in an article, and this one is no different. Thank you Inhabitat for featuring us!

Go check out the article HERE.


Friday Fun – Project update for Deliberate Dimense

The last time we visited our project Deliberate Dimense we were in demo phase. That was 5 months ago. Let’s go take a peek at what’s going on now!

As you can see the framing is almost complete, and the house is taking shape! You can see the general layout of the home as well, and pretty much make out where everything is going to go.

The openings and room sizes are clearly seen. And finally all the views that will be seen have been boxed out awaiting windows in them. Don’t mind all the mud – landscaping is coming!


The next steps are roughing in mechanical, electrical and plumbing. Oh – and take a look at the mock up of the rock exterior!

Gorgeous contemporary rock exterior going up on Deliberate Demense

The project is moving along!


Can we blog everyday for a MONTH?

November is national blog posting month, now hosted by blogher, and to celebrate it bloggers are asked to post ever day for a month. Whoa!
They posts don’t have to be lengthy, just a little blurb would be fine. This is an effort to promote, and give more attention, to blogging. Posting everyday for a month sounds a bit steep, but we are up for a challenge. We would appreciate some feed back as we go, so please feel free to share what we blog and leave us a comment!
Thanks for reading and wish us luck!