Friday Fun – Annual Awesome Pumpkin Carving!

Every year our very own project manager Curtis Peterson gets to work carving elaborate pumpkins. These aren’t your regular run-of-the-mill triangle eyed, jagged toothy grin, looks like my 8 year old carve it. These pumpkin are true works of art. Take a look.

Look at that detailing

Each pumpkin is hand carved taking about 3-4 hours to create.

The nose ring is a separate piece Curt carves out and attaches later

Curt carves these up right up until Halloween entering some into competitions, while others are on display at local businesses.
When asked what his process and inspiration are this is what Curt said:
“I use clay loop tools most of the time… (I like the Kemper tools brand. These seems to be the sturdiest I’ve found so far) in addition to x-acto knives, carving knifes, brillo pads, scotch brite pads, etc. Anything and everything that can be used to remove pumpkin is a tool.

Inspiration? Anything really… seeing a funny face in a magazine or on the internet.  Making a face in a mirror works.  Sometimes just making one up can be fun. I highly recommend working from reference though.  It’s the best way to learn the anatomy of a face, how it works, how wrinkles work, etc.”

Thanks Curt! As he carves more pumpkins we will post them. Happy carving!

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