The old is new again: architectural salvage

This past weekend Curt Gelotte headed out to a meeting with a potential client. He visited a piece of property with a home on it that has been abandoned for the past 15 years. The property is beautiful, but it looks like the house will not be salvageable. IT does however have some amazing pieces to it that are definitely salvageable, and this is actually pretty common!

As we all know, fashion and what is “in” goes in cycles. Right now antique is in. Vintage is cool. Although there are tons of ways on Pinterest to make something LOOK vintage, the best way to really get that vintage look is to use something antique. There are tons of places that will come that specialize in both selling and helping you to remove salvageable pieces from your old property.
A great example of this is The RE Store in Seattle or Bellingham. They sell everything from old vintage claw foot bathtubs, to stained glass windows, door pulls, cabinets, you name it – they have it. Whether you are an architect or just a weekend warrior, this store is always fun way to spend an afternoon dreaming.

Are you planning on updating your house to have some vintage charm? Leave us a comment and let us know about it. We would also love to know about any re-use stores you regular that we may not know about.

Happy hunting!
*images courtesy of The Re Store

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