Arc.I.Tek model showcase

This past weekend was Arc.I.Tek. Scott and Eric came to help out this time and, again, it was a blast! The kids have ultimately three hours to design and build their models. That might seem like a really long time, but the number one thing we have happen is the kids run out of time and are rushing at the end. It’s true what they say – time fly’s when you’re having fun!
From a train station to a flying house and everything in between. These kids never cease to amaze us.
Take a look at some of the amazing  model’s that came out of this past weekend:

A flying house!
A Community Center and Garden
An upcylced bridge with a garden on top

The kids have a blast and in the end we can’t help but have a bit of fun too. Scott was inspired to design a super hero in tribute to the Arc.I.Tek’s. He did a pretty good job!

The Super Hero

Soon we will be adding all the models to the Arc.I.Tek website to begin the voting phase of our workshops. Stay tuned and don’t forget to vote!

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