Friday Fun – Houseboat Architect

Being a Seattle native architecture firm we have the pleasure of designing homes for some of natures most beautiful terrain’s. All within the Washington border there is Rainforest, Lake Front, Beach Front, Wooded and Down Town city scapes. We have designed every possible type of home there is from Mediterranean to Cape Cod, and everything in between. We truly love our job as we get the pleasure of bringing your ideas to life. We are inspired daily by our clients dreams, and we never really know where they are going to take us. The one house style that we have yet to design is a house boat, and we are here to say we would LOVE to! We want to be a house boat architect too. Take a look at just a few of the gorgeous house boat’s on Lake Union.

Very contemporary
The view from inside the house boat
These house boats look similar to a few projects we have done!

The aboev house boats look similar to some of our projects Sammamish Tuscan and Lakefront Splendor.

A cute Shingle style boat house

With a boat house you wake up everyday with a stunning view of the water. Here in Seattle; rain, or shine, in the snow or the heat the water is always gorgeous.
Are you thinking of downgrading in size maybe? Have you ever considered designing a boat house? We would absolutely LOVE to be your architect. Give us a call and let’s talk about your boat house dream.

*Images courtesy of Bing

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