Friday Fun – Let’s talk POOLS!

Happy Friday everyone. We received back some progress pictures on an underway project today A Touch of Normandy. I will share those photo’s with you next week, but let’s not get sidetracked. This project is a two phase project. Phase 1 – Beach. Phase 2 – Cabana. Are you sensing a theme here? That’s right – pools.

Speaking of pools, and considering this is Labor Day weekend, which for many of us is a final hurrah before all the kiddos go back to school. That could mean (as it does for my family) one more vacation before the crazy schedules start up again, or a quiet lazy weekend BBQ’ing with friends and family. Either way, fun and vacation usually conjoin around a pool. The pool in our project A Touch of Normandy might have some fancy tileing, it might not. My personal favorite for pools are the ones with gorgeous tile work along the bottom. I adore the look of how the water causes ocular illusions on the tiles transforming them into new shapes and then back again. The feel of the tile on your feet is amazing too. There is something about a marble pool that makes me feel like my vacation is complete. Check out some of these gorgeous pools with marble mosaics and then leave us a comment on what you are going to do this Labor Day Weekend. Will you be at a pool like this?

Look at the gorgeous blue detailing. Wouldn’t his be amazing on the bottom of a pool?
I love the blue shades on this one
Paisley is a win win in my book, and I love how the detailing travels along the side wall on this one
This is my fav. This mosaic pattern is both sophisticated and elegant.

*Images courtesy of SICIS the art mosaic factory*

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