Were you at Arc.I.Tek?

This past weekend was another Arc.I.Tek model making event, and we can’t help be in awe of the inspiration and creative genius that comes from these events.

The materials are all laid out ready for the kids to dig in, and create something amazing.

The age range was a little wider at this event from 1st to 10th grade.  The entire event is designed to educate the kids and introduce them to some concepts.








From there the design is totally in their hands. We are there to assist with any questions, or give them a little push when they get stuck creatively, but really, the kids do most of the heavy lifting.


Here are some sneek peaks of some of the models we saw come out of this past weekend.

The numerous flowers boxes on this design are architected to be made out of 100% recycled materials!
This architect was very concerned with bears getting to her garbage, so naturally she designed an electric fence around it. 🙂
I believe those are solar panels
Check that window going all the way through the building!
This view is top down of an underground parking lot complete with elevator.

It’s truly amazing to watch as out of cardboard, toothpicks, hot glue, construction paper, and other random materials comes the future of design. You never know. This just may what down town Seattle looks like in 2062. For us, it’s really about connecting and sharing the story of creativity.

Curt Gelotte sitting with young Arc.I.Tek’s Lola and Gosia as they sketch out their concepts.

Sign up your kids for the last Arc.I.Tek event on September 15th.
Click here
and register your kiddos today!




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