Friday Fun – We’re going to be on the radio!

Everybody clear your schedules from 2-3 on Monday afternoon and tune your radio dials to 1150 AM KKNW. Curt Gelotte has been invited to be a guest on the Monday afternoon show “Head of the House.”

Curt will be joining Alternative Talk’s Newest Star – Louis Howard.
Louis Howard, host of Head of the House
Head of the House Mondays from 2-3:00 pm. Host Louis Howard highlights the challenges facing working professionals in business, family and life.
Curt will be joining Howard to talk about the challenges of home design. Have you ever wondered what makes a old house look charming?  According to Curt it is a number of things. He will be discussing how time honored traditions and architectural practices seem to have been sacrificed in today’s spec market.
Callers, and questions are encouraged as Curt and Louis invite you to be apart of the conversation!


Listen in Monday from 2-3pm then call 425.337-5527 with your questions or comments. They want to hear from you, so don’t forget!

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