It’s all!

For all you designers out there – interior, architectural, graphic, engineeering, structural, and the like, there is a new social media site that you have to check out. It’s called About.Me

This is an awesome site that compiles all of your networking sites into one easy place. You can showcase your Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Blog and whatever else you have all in one place. Your page will consist of one large splash page with either a premade template, or you can make your own and upload. You can also add a bio (highly recommend) as well as keyword tags to higher your optimization. Take a look at ours!

Check out the Gelotte Hommas page!

This is an extremely helpful site for organizing all of your internet savy info in one easy place. People who go to your webiste they can quickly click/browse through all your info right there and NOW they have just added some really amazing new features!

Look at all this!

With the ability to interact with an page right there on the page the impact of your page just went from a static info page to a possible lead generation MACHINE! Plus (bonus) these pages look really, REALLY good. Go check it out! While you’re there, go ahead and Fav (♥) our page – we promise to Fav (♥) you back!

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