Bungalow style playhouse get’s a new look!

We are architects, true, but we are also people. With families and friends who we care very much about. We feel a bit special in the fact that most of our clients become friends as well. To us this means we care about what they care about, and get involved. We’re just like that.

One such client is involved in fund raising for the Puget Sound Blood Center. She approached us to see if we could help out with an auction to raise money for help with Hemophilia and other bleeding disorders. We of course said yes! Scott Hommas designed a super cute little playhouse reminiscent of a bungalow – complete with porch.

The playhouse Scott designed for the PSBC auction.

Scott ran in to a problem though, we could design it sure, but we would need someone to build it. Scott got on the phone and called up Hamish Anderson of Hamish Anderson Custom Homes, Inc. (2011 “Best Builder” in 425 Magazine) and before too long he was on board to donate his time and materials to build the amazing playhouse.

The family who bought the playhouse contacted us recently and had us made a few adjustments so that it would match their home. We will be sure to post picts of the finished project when it’s done.

Also, let the record show it will no longer be known as a “playhouse”, instead it shall be known as the “Backyard Hangout” since this is for teenagers and not small children. 🙂

Do you have a playhouse in your backyard? Tell us about it!

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