Architecture inspired by nature

One of our co-workers spent the last few days at Glacier National Park in Montana camping with her family.  Being surrounded by that much natural beauty one can’t help but get inspired.

Lake McDonald inside Glacier National Park

One of our principal’s Scott Hommas is actually from Montana, and grew up not too far from Lake McDonald.  As a child Scott spent many summers exploring Glacier and all the beauty the park has to offer. The Lake McDonald Lodge is literally where Scott decided that he wanted to be an architect.

Lake McDonald Lodge

“The use of natural tree limbs inside the Lodge inspired me to want to be an architect. I wanted to design buildings just like that Lodge.” – Scott Hommas

The inside of Lake McDonald Lodge.

 Scott might not get to design cabin style architecture like the Lake McDonald Lodge every day, but loves his work and it shows.  Scott is not the only one either. We are truly blessed to have an office full of talent and heart. Here is just another example of the way our clients feel after working with Gelotte Hommas Architecture.

Well, summer is (sort of) here again, and I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much we’re enjoying our outdoor space. And the larger master bedroom. And our new family room cabinets. And new kitchen island.  It’s all working out great. I’ve given out both of your names to several folks; I don’t know if it’s resulted in any actual additional business but I’ll keep it up.

Thanks for all of the hard work from both of you (and your teams). We’re really happy with the results.

— William”
William Kennedy, home owner
CLICK HERE for more info and to see pictures of William’s home 


*Photos from flicker*

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