Friday NOT so fun: It’s a coffee emergency people!

I know that normally we do Friday Fun here on the Gelotte Hommas blog, but today is different. Today we are doing Friday NOT so fun. In fact, today we are talking about something down right horrific! I understand that after reading this post, many of you may “unsubscribe” to our blog posts on the sheer basis of Seattle ethics, but it needs to be said none the less. Here goes; Our coffee in the office SUCKS! This is in fact a travesty that has been going on since before the dinosaurs and we have decided enough is enough.
We are architects people. And do you know what you get when you add bad coffee and architects? Under PERFORMING architects, that’s what!
I mean, look at this. Our senior project manager Eric Drivdahl has had to resort to being a coffee pauper!

His cup runneth EMPTY!

It’s not pretty people. Our coffee pot sucks. SUCKS I tell you! So much so that it has been aptly named Old Yellow. You know, because it’s old and yellow.

Old “Yellow”

Anyway, we want a new coffee pot. We NEED a new coffee pot.  Not just for us, but for YOU too! Just imagine the next time you come to the GHA office you were greeted with GOOD coffee instead of the gasoline we are serving now!(Just being honest here.) The heavens would part and we would all skip around singing coffee songs whilst designing houses. Win win I tell ya.
We love Seattle. We agree with the unsaid Seattle code that states ‘where there are people there shall also be good coffee’. We want to have good coffee, but we need your help. We are totally clueless about which type of coffee maker to buy.  There are literally thousands. Here are a few we found;

HALP! Leave us a comment and tell us what kind of coffee maker YOUR office has. Also, any suggestions on a particular kind of coffee would be helpful too. How about this, ANY coffee making advice would be greatly appreciated. Maybe we can get Eric off the street corner and back at his desk…

3 Replies to “Friday NOT so fun: It’s a coffee emergency people!”

  1. We have a single cup brewer. However, the environmentally conscious need to consider reusable k-cups if you go this route. Also worth mentioning that I don’t think it brews the best coffee–just too weak. Which means you have to drink more coffee (could be a ploy, I’m not sure)

    I once worked at an architecture firm that did a whole blind taste testing over several weeks to choose what kind of coffee to have/serve. That “might” have been going a bit overboard. But we’re architects. It’s kind of important.

    Good Luck!

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