Energy Savers: A look at geothermal temperature controls

Now that summer is here, so is the heat, and by here I don’t mean Washington State as it’s currently 63 and raining.  We have heard it is hot everywhere else though, so we thought we would share an amazing energy saving, renewable option for heating and cooling a home. One of our current underway projects, Deliberate Demense, has decided to use a Geothermal Heat Pump system.

An example of the horizontal geothermal ground loops used in this project

Geothermal heating/cooling systems are amazingly efficient and cost effective with an average of 25%-50% decreased electricity usage when compared to conventional systems. Wow!
Here’s how they work: the Earth’s temperature is relatively constant regardless of the temperature above ground. Even when it’s 115 degrees outside the ground beneath you is much cooler. Think of a cave. When the temperature outside the cave is sweltering, the cave is much cooler and visa versa when it’s cold.

Ground temperature by depth

Ditches are dug about 6 feet beneath the surface and tubes are put into places looping back and forth across the ground. A liquid is pumped through the tubes where it is either cooled down or heated up and then pumped back through the home thus regulating the temperature of the home. Another bonus is this system is super quiet unlike most A/C units and it also takes us considerably less space. Win Win!
If you are considering other options for heating or cooling your home geothermal is a place to start.

*images courtesy of Google*

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