Rammed Earth; a gorgeous environmentally friendly building option

We have a new client who is interested in environmentally friendly building options. One of the options that we showed them is called Rammed Earth.
Most people have never heard of this method, so we thought we would share this really neat and beautiful technique. Rammed Earth (as defined by Wikipedia)  is used for the creation of walls using the raw materials of earthchalklime and gravel.

Image courtesy of Clifton Schooley

Although this technique seems new, it’s definitely not. It is actually an ancient building method that is seeing a revival recently due to challenges on the environment and clients seeking more sustainable building materials and natural building methods.

A home that is made using rammed earth is resistant to pest (termites and cockroaches), non~ toxic, fireproof, sound proof , it self regulates humidity ( great for asthma sufferers), bio degradable and a hat conductor ( a great way to cut down on air conditioning and heating costs.)


Here are a few more pictures

Image courtesy of Clifton Schooley

We really like the character and air of comfort this technique brings to a home. We will keep you posted and let you know if our client choose this method!

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