Friday Fun – The art of the sketch.

The annual  Cocktail Napkin Sketch is back, and we decided this was our year to enter.
The rules are simple: (there are only four)

1. Sketch on a white 5’x5′ cocktail napkin
2. Use a Pen/Sharpie
3. Be an architect or designer
4. You can submit up to 6 designs

So, we decided to make a working lunch out of it and ordered pizza for the whole bunch as we sat down to sketch.

One of our principal’s Curt Gelotte sketching out his idea
Curt Peterson and David Grubb getting their sketch on
Our other principal Scott Hommas in the beginning of his design
Even our office manager took a crack at it (although we decided it might be better to save our 6th entry for something a bit… bigger?)
Eric Drivdahl working on his masterpiece

Once they were all finished we stuck them in an envelope and sent our little designs off to the contest in New York.  We know you want to see our entries, so here they are in all their glory!

“I don’t have my glasses on, and I can’t really see what I’m drawing here…” -Scott Hommas
David is a man of little words, but we think he was feeling a bit “blue”
“I might have gone to art school, but I think this perspective is a bit…off” -Nikki Fisher
“I really could do this all day, so I might as well stop now” – Curt Peterson
“Fibonacci just gets me” – Curt Gelotte
“I’m not sure what it is, but it’s done!” – Eric Drivdahl

Two grand prize winning submissions will be published in the September issue of Architectural Record AND *drumroll please* the winners get a box of napkins with their sketch printed on it!
Who’s excited? We are! Wish us luck!
Click the links for winning sketches from 2011 and 2010.
Click here to see the 2011 napkin sketch gallery.

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