Arc.I.Tek model making workshops are in full swing!

Our youth model making workshops are in full swing with the next event coming up Saturday June 16th. These events are so much fun. The workshop kicks off with an introduction to the kids about the history of the Space Needle (including why it’s painted orange right now) as well as looking to the future at the same time.

Kirsten Clemens from SAF leading the educational piece of the workshop.
The kids were shown the original napkin sketch of the design for the Space Needle.

It is so much fun to watch the kid’s walk through the design/creation process. They start out by sketching up ideas and then they are off and running building!

Stage one of the design process is sketching.
After that the kids start to build their visions.

As their ideas take shape it gets really fun. Suddenly metal grating becomes clouds,transparencies become windows and hot glue becomes the concrete holding it all together. Take a look at a few of the models in progress.

After the kiddo’s fill out a form telling all about their vision including the name of it as well as the purpose or vision for the design.

One of the kids filling out his entry form for his model.
One of our amazing volunteer’s helping one of the kiddo’s fill out his form for his model.
One of the kiddo’s taking a snack break.

Some of the finished models.

Each of the entries will be entered into the competition piece. Judging is based off of three catergories: Sustainability, Innovation and Social Sharing. Each entry will be given a site on The New Hive starting in September to be able to “share” through social media channels.
Have you registered your kiddo’s for the next event? Sign up here through

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