Friday Fun – Up Close and Personal Demo Style!

This week started off with a bang as one of our projects broke ground.

The Original House
(The “before” picture)

Although it was raining here in Seattle on Monday, turns out rain is the perfect forecast for demolition (with all the dust and what not from the demo.)

Excavation Bucket’s ready for business!
Safety First!

The process of designing your dream home can take awhile, but when you finally get to SEE some physical progress it get’s exciting, and what an exciting day it was.
The Excitement started the night before apparently as the whole bunch came to kick off- the demo by throwing rocks through the windows of the existing home.  The house was empty of course, and well, who HASN’T dreamed of throwing rocks through a perfectly good window? I know I have!

From the deck looking back at the house.
You can see the rocks from the night before still on the floor. Look at the amazing view of Lake Washington. Simply stunning.
A bit of graffiti in the kitchen: their two boys traced on the wall about to be demo’d.

From the project manager with contractor Bender Chaffey, to OUR project Manager Eric Drivdahl, and of our course our client’s, there were smiles and laughter all around.

Our AMAZING cheerful client ready to get started.

Our client’s have such a wonderful close knit family that everyone came to celebrate this huge step in bringing their dream home to life.

The oldest of their two son’s checking out the Excavator.
(His boots are my fav)

Once everyone had a chance to fully check out all the fun equipment, eat some donuts and get some coffee that our client brought for everyone (again, AMAZING!) it was time to get started.

Let the destruction begin!
(Just look at that grin on his face)
From the other side of the Lake. You can see the claw tearing into the top right.

With all the time and work it takes to design and build a home, it’s amazing how quickly they come down. Here is some video of our client “Bringing Down The House”.

When all the fun was over, and it was time to turn it over to the professionals to do their job a bottle of champagne was brought out to celebrate.

And, then.  Well…

What can we say, our client’s are the BEST!

Happy Friday eveyone!

4 Replies to “Friday Fun – Up Close and Personal Demo Style!”

  1. Hi
    I grew up in that house. we moved in 2/10/1947 just 1 month to the day prior to my 7th birthday. It was just a summer house then but my dad hired Louie Schaeffer to redesign the house and oversee the remodel. It was an innovative house at the time with the butterfly roofline. It was a wonderful place to grow up. After my folks died in 1961 and 1964 respectively, the house was sold to Ken Greenbaum. He and his family did another remodel which added some great additional amenities. I am sad to see it is gone but the property is beautiful and will make a great new building site.
    Mary Hoffman

    1. Hi Mary, Thank you so much for your very thoughtful comment. This is one of the best part’s to our job; the homes we design are the homes people “do life in”. Children grow. Memories are made while happiness and love are shared. Thank you again Mary for sharing a bit of that with us.

    2. Thank you for your comment. We are the family building a new home and we are VERY excited for that wonderful spot. We have three boys (15, 5, 2) and I can’t imagine a better place to raise them. I am hoping that this is a life-long house for my kids and that they have fond memories like you had.

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