Friday Fun – Rustic Remodel

Remodel’s have been popular on the blog lately, so we thought we would post about another one of our remodel projects that wrapped up not too long ago.
Meet our Rustic Remodel.

This project is located in Issaquah on about 20 acres. The barn is amazing!
The home is 3,500 square feet and is scheduled to undergo a 2 phase remodel.
Phase 1 of the remodel is complete, which included this bathroom and the master bedroom.

The home owners wanted to capture the “Northwest Rustic” charm of the property in the remodel of their home.

The master bedroom after Phase 1 of 2 in this Rustic Remodel.
This fireplace is stone with a gas insert.
The “after” picture of the bathroom.

This project is a gem. We will be sure to post the picts as phase 2 gets underway, so stay tuned everyone!
What is your favorite part of this remodel? Is your home Northwest Rustic as well? Leave us a picture in the comments section – we would love to see it!

To see more of the before and after photos visit the contractor Lakeville Homes, blog.
*Photos courtesy of Lakeville Homes*

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