Why is the Space Needle Orange? We know the answer!

As most of you know, Seattle has a pretty spectacular land mark -the Space Needle. As some of you may, or may not know, it came from the World’s Fair here in Seattle in 1962. Yea, a little Seattle knowledge. You’re welcome!
Did you also know that when the Space Needle first arrived it was Orange? Well it was, and 2012 marks the 50 year anniversary of the Space Needle and the orange paint job starts the anniversary “summer season” for the birthday needle and Space Center. Cool huh!

The original debut of the Space Needle in “Galazy Gold”
Image courtesy of azzurrolou

This is where Arc.I.Tek comes in! That is our youth program we built in conjunction with The Seattle Architecture Foundation, The Seattle Center and The Next Fifty to help celebrate this amazing anniversary.
The first of the model making workshops kick-off this Saturday. Do you know anybody with kids ages 7-18 who would be interested? Great! Share this link, or download the PDF brochure here and share away!

Happy Birthday Space Needle!

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