Wooden slab into conference room fab: Re-purposing

Re-purposing materials for another use is a part of our architectural practice with our projects, but it doesn’t stop there. When we moved into our current office building four years ago we gained an extra conference room. A bigger conference room, which of course needed a bigger conference room table. The current table that we had was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright (of course) and although it is pretty fancy and Frank Lloyd Wright-ish, the table itself posed some problems.

Frank Lloyd Wright designed table


Custom Gelotte Hommas Architecture conference room table

Say hello to our conference room table.

This is a 12 foot long table made out of two 6 feet long re-purposed wood slabs. We have some renderings on the wall and some art, but the thing that most of our clients end up admiring the most is this table (for obvious reasons). We worked with Urban Hardwoods here in Seattle to custom select and create this work of art.

The major problem with our original conference room table was that it was too small. With a growing office came a growing staff and the need to fit more than four people at the table. Once we figured out that we wanted to use re-purposed wood to make our table, as well as the general dimensions we wanted, then Curt went to work designing his masterpiece.

This cantilevered table is more of a joint technology and thus there are no legs getting in the way of our legs or our chairs.

Our table joints. They are attached under the table length wise with the foundation also running length wise.


Eric Drivdahl chose the final pieces that make up this table. As you can see it had some major “blemishes” that we chose to keep. The fine folks over at Urban Hardwoods are master’s at this and thus knew where to install a dove tail, as well as which cracks and crevices to fill with resin and which one’s could be left as is.

One of the two blemishes left on filled with resin

We are just so very pleased with the way the table came out, and most of our clients agree with us.
Do you have anything re-purposed in your home or office? Leave us a comment and tell us about it!

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