Friday fun: Secret doors

Happy Friday everyone! Here in Seattle it has successfully rained and shined today with more of the same  forecasted this weekend. Considering that Seattle weather is known for being a little less than fun (in general) I thought we could kick on a Friday Fun series. From now on, we will be posting something fun about architecture or design every Friday. Follow us and share some of your thoughts, inspirations or weather stories as we go!

Today on Friday fun we are going to talk about secret doors in architecture. The office went on a little field trip this morning to check out one of our projects that is under construction in Kirkland. This project has a secret door, which is actually pretty common with some of our client’s. Home owner’s put in secret doors for all sorts of reasons. From utlization of space to actually hiding a secret room or location. Either way, they are pretty fun little aspects to these houses that add a little extra to the “wow” factor.

Our Project Northeast by Northwest is one of our projects that has a secret door.

Northeast by Northwest secret door

This project is called Tuscano Sul Lago and this secret door is at the top of a stair case. This door opens to an secret office located on the second floor.

Tuscano Sul Lago’s secret door

Secret doors are fun no matter what they are hiding. Does your house have any secret doors? Leave a comment and tell us about them. Have a good weekend.

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