Presenting the 2012 Arc.I.Tek youth program

Come and meet our super hero team called "The Arcitecks"
{click on the above image to view the Arc.I.Tek website}

We have been talking about this for almost a year, and we are so very proud to say it is finally here!
ARC.I.TEK is a program built for engaging and guiding young Seattle citizens in learning the process of architecture and design, developing their skill sets and assisting them to shape their vision of the future, ultimately empowering them to make a difference in Seattle.

Entrants, ages 7 thru 18 (grades 1-12), will arrive at Seattle Center’s Classroom of the Future to attend a 4 hour workshop lead by industry design professionals.  A brief review of the history and legacy of the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair and Seattle Center will be covered, followed by a 3 hour design session for Seattle’s young citizens to build architectural concept models of their vision of a world’s fair in 2062.

Workshop Dates:  April 21st, May 19th, June 16th, July 21st, August 18th, and September 15th
Where: Seattle Center Classroom of the Future
Cost: $20 per entry, scholarships for attendance available upon request

An expression, webpage developed through the new hive [], will be created for each entry by the ARC.I.TEK Program, which will go live starting September 22nd thru October 13th.  Entrants will be encouraged to share their designs thru the website.  The extent of how much their vision is shared and marketed through the new hive expression will be factored into the judging.
Select models will be on display throughout the Next50 celebration. Judging is based on the captured imagery of the models, the entrant’s description of their vision, and entrant’s engagement of Social media via the new hive.

Entrants are invited to come together to attend the ARC.I.TEK Grand Finale and Awards Ceremony on October 22nd, 2012!

Criteria for Judging: Sustainability, Innovation, Social Media, Aesthetics

AWARDS Categories will be defined for the varying age groups|grades:
Novice: Grades 1-4
Apprentice: Grades 5-8
Distinguished: Grades 9-12

Workshops will fill up fast, so make sure you book your tickets now through
See you all there!

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